About iFuneral


What is iFuneral?

iFuneral is the online funeral network in Australia. We:

1. Aggregate the online stores of funeral related merchants around Australia,
2. Provide an extensive search & select facility of funeral venues and services nationally, and
3. Provide an innovative, easy-to-use online selling platform for sellers of funeral related products, services & venues to help promote their range & specials out to a wider, better qualified domestic marketplace.

The Promise

iFuneral is not owned by any major interest group in the funeral industry. We are 100% impartial and always will be! Our primary goal is to help make the funeral experience much easier, more cost-effective and transparent for over 140,000 Australians annually. We pride ourselves on having a comprehensive range of funeral related products and services, great prices, the most user-friendly web shopping directory portal and the best customer support in Australia. iFuneral is also a very effective direct sales and marketing tool for funeral related businesses in Australia and we hope to act as an inexpensive, innovative and more powerful sales platform for funeral related business indefinitely.

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The People

Shaun Gray. A proven and successful business CEO and consultant across a range of sectors, Shaun has a strong background in tech innovation on the web and improving business services through these innovations.

Gary Pearson. With a background in innovative web solutions for industry-wide issues (including the Funeral Industry), Gary is a passionate believer in the many significant benefits the Funeral Industry can generate for clients through online innovation.

The Vision

iFuneral is the premier one-stop-shop online facility in Australia that:

1. Empowers & enables consumers to plan, book, coordinate and purchase the many elements of a memorial service in order to help them create the perfect memorial or tribute for their loved ones;
2. Helps make the funeral experience much easier, more cost-effective and transparent for over 140,000 Australians annually; and
3. Is a critical direct sales and marketing operational tool for all funeral related businesses in Australia.